Hindsgaul and Darrol

Danish designed mannequins






For years Denmark, and Scandinavia as a whole, has been known for the ability to design beautiful products without losing sight of functionality. Design in high quality and with eye for the details that make that products stand out compared to the rest of world, is what Danish design is known for. Also the ability to create simple, yet beautiful, items in very high quality.
Retailment Mannequins and Interior, owning the well-known brands Hindsgaul and Darrol, falls within this category of high quality, yet functional, Danish design. At our Danish headquarter, our designers and sculptors shape the ideas into prototypes. The influence of the Danish sense of fineness is reflected in every




Any concept begins with an abstract idea expressed in visual and verbal descriptions. The creative team and the sculpture analyze and interpret the inputs, and then a three-dimensional realization of the ideas are formed in clay or plaster. Skills and many years of experience within display design guarantees an optimal result developed in cooperation between ideas and realistic opportunities. Talent and many years of experience in display design guarantee an optimum result. Once the final model is approved, the make up department does their tests, before the model is headed to production, where mannequins will be produced in the right materials and quality. Whether ordering a stocked item or a customized item, the customer can be sure of the high, Danish quality and design.  



 Nothing is more effective for a store to stand out than an interesting display window! At Retailment Mannequins & Interior, we offer Danish designed, high quality customized display mannequins. Adding a customized mannequin to the store will not only make your store stand out, send the signals of a strong store, but also create a coherent and constistent look for the stores within your brand.
Our designers and sculptors are located in our headquarter outside Copenhagen, Denmark. This means that we offer the opportunity of creating a solution in close cooperation with the customer, while the customer can follow the entire process, and keep in close contact with the designers and developers. Anything is possible in the process of creating a customized mannequin! We offer to design and develop both single positions and entire mannequin series