Hindsgaul & Darrol

Hair style and make-up studio






The perfect wig can make a world of difference to the completion of a look or even just a change of a look to a mannequin. The perfect wig can therefor both be regarded as the final touch that gives the display window the desired look or as an easy changeable accessorize to the look

Our wig studio is among the leading within the retail industry. Appearance-wise the department can be compared to a hair salon. No challenge is to big for our skillful stylists and hair dressers. All hair colors, lengths, and styles are possible. We offer both standard wigs with quick delivery options, and customized hairstyles if requested by the customer.

The stylist team work closely together with the makeup department to ensure a coherent expression and style. Our hair dressers are always well updated within the latest trends and tendencies, so that even the newest and most advanced hairstyles can find their way to display windows and customers.      




The make-up artist starts his/her work on equal terms with the painter - a blank canvas. Depending on the designs the artist gets before the job is started, it is a question of interpretation that only the artist can contribute to and perform. In our case, the blank canvas is replaced with an empty shell with some simplified facial features. In some cases, it requires a make-up phase to improve certain characteristics of the  portrait, sometimes the exact opposite will be the case. It depends on the brief that has been given to the make-up artist.

Within make-up we offer both standard styles and individually customized solutions. The importance of high quality makeup is often underestimated. A naturalistic head with the right makeup can add the desired personality and expression to the store. It is often the smaller details that make the difference!
Our skillful makeup artists of course offer assistance in the choice of style, if the customer desires so.