Wigs for male


We focus mainly on "Hard Wigs" when making wigs for men, as it is important to maintain the masculine expression in the static medium as the mannequin is - also as a naturalistic object. Nice thin hair lines/borders and edges can make a wig quite vividly relative to soft wigs. Customized wigs are our specialty. Have you as customer a special requests, we will work with you directly to achieve exactly what you want. Our team of hairdressers can help you to find the exact impression you want - and pretty much anything is possible.

We offer two sorts of wigs: our standard collection and the deluxe collection. The standard collection is available in our webshop Wigs from our deluxe collection are special made, and can be customized in colour, length etc. These wigs can be purchased by contacting your local Hindsgaul Mannequins® dealer.